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AMAR BHARTI INSTITUTION is situated on the out skirts of village Moti Pavathi, Deep in Dehgam Taluka of Gandhinagar district at a distance of 50 KMs from Gandhinagar. It seeks to serve in its own humble but determined manners the poor and socially and educationally backward people of 75 village of three districts of Gandhinagar, Kheda and Sabarkantha. It is located on the right bank of the river VATRAK, where the boarders of the three districts converse and has created a district environment of its own.

This part of Dehgam Taluka is backward economically and socially in general and in the sphere of education in particular major portion of the population belongs to THAKOR community which is very poor, backward and almost illiterate. Since the land holdings are small and irrigation facilities are almost non-existant, the farmers are to a large extent dependent on dry farming. Avery large portion of the population struggles for existence, which is below poverty line.
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